Resolutions with Rebekah!

A dear friend of mine, Rebekah Montgomery, is taking over the blog today! She shares some wonderful advice on how to achieve and keep a healthy lifestyle. I hope you enjoy 🙂


“Since it’s that time of year, let’s talk about resolutions! The most common resolutions made always revolve around making healthier food choices, getting more exercise, time spent with others/helping others, and bettering ones-self whether it be through having more R&R or sticking to a budget. I think it’s safe to say that we all have a true desire to live a good and healthy life. Every year we tell ourselves that we resolve to do so! We have all learned, however, that this takes work and it takes sacrifice, and sometimes one month into the year we find ourselves back in our rut making the same old choices and wishing it were just easier! (Why can’t cheeseburgers and chocolate be health foods?? Why can’t I lose a couple of pounds watching Netflix????? I’ll go to the gym tomorrow…) Something I have learned in life is that in order to produce any real outcomes, you must get to the root of the issue rather than just make some surface level changes. That being said, I challenge you to this year resolve to do more than “spend two hours in the gym each day” or “eat less sugar”. I think the best way we can achieve that healthy lifestyle that we crave is by first adopting a healthy outlook. Over the past several years, I have been continually learning and growing in the area of “self-health”. To me, self-health, is an all around appreciation and respect for myself-body, mind, and spirit. Too often we allow negativity and a sense of hopelessness convince us that we cannot achieve the things that we want. Beyond that, we sometimes believe that we cannot be fully happy until we achieve these things. And that is when and where and why we stop running towards the goals that we have set for ourselves. Working towards something that we want so badly can be frustrating and discouraging if we focus on how long it is taking or if we compare our journey to someone else’s. Something I have learned is that it is more than okay to have goals, but you MUST allow yourself to be happy with and in the process or those goals are truly counterproductive and demean the whole premise of health. It is the journey-the ups and downs, failures and victories-that really make the whole thing valuable and worth it in the end. Here are three new resolutions I propose to you this year that may help you achieve those goals once and for all:

Moderation: “I am not eating a single carb today” Well, good luck. If you want to eat cheese and canned tuna all day, by all means do your thing…but I’m willing to bet you will be a lot less miserable and less likely to binge later on if you just eat that bite of cake or piece of chocolate…and do it with a smile on your face, saying “HA! We’ll see about that” to the voice in your head that is ensuring you that those 50 extra calories will surely ruin all of your progress. They won’t. There are actually countless recipes for making healthy versions of your favorite desserts and junk-foods! I think there may actually be some on this blog 😉 (PANCAKES<3)

Comparison: “My hips are so much wider than hers” Unfortunately no amount of squats or cardio will change your bone structure. Comparing yourself to someone else is one of the most harmful and detrimental things we can do when it comes to our health. You are uniquely you and can never be someone else; it is impossible. Comparing yourself to someone will only lead to you giving up. If you want to compare something, keep a journal of your progress and read it every day.

No negative self-talk: “I look fat today” No, you don’t. I promise you didn’t gain twenty pounds overnight, and regardless you look stunning and beautiful because you ARE. Love who you are and own who you are, right now. Maybe you’ll be even hotter in a month when you start seeing some tone to your tush, but your future you is no better than your present you. Audrey Hepburn said it best, happy girls are the prettiest. Just be happy and keep striving!”

Well said, Rebekah, well said. I sure will be keeping all of this in mind as I fulfill my resolutions this year and I challenge you to do the same! Make this your best year EVER!



Rebekah & Alee

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