Work harder than you ever have before.

It has been a while since Girl on the Run has gotten any action. I do apologize but like many of you guys, life gets busy. Today was the first day of classes and let me just say R.I.P. to my social life. HA. Just kidding, I love being busy.

As the flood of emails from my professors came in this morning, the syllabuses and my Erin Condren Life Planner got a good workout. I was pretty overwhelmed and needed a killer sweat sesh to center my thoughts so that I could reflect on the goals that I have set for my studies, personal life and fitness/health journey this semester. The mental clarity that I got from my workout was so refreshing. I was high on happy endorphins and able to distinguish a plan to accomplish my goals and overall achieve everything that I have ever wanted.


I do not know about you, but I am a list maker. Lists help hold me accountable to the things I NEED to get done before I go play. Plus, cute stationary is always a plus. I decided to jot down all of my goals I have for this semester and wrote out ways that I would accomplish them. I wanted to share a few with you and challenge you to sit down for twenty minutes to do the same.

1. Quit hitting the snooze button ten zillion times

You know that you have a problem when you have to set 5 alarms to wake up. I admit that I have to set 6 and still end up waking up late. I cause myself to feel rushed and add unnecessary stress that I could avoid if I just woke up when my alarm first went off. I have noticed that when I get up to my first alarm, drink water ASAP, workout and have a yummy breakfast, I am more productive, energized and overall in a better mood. To save my roommates from the wrath of my annoying alarm, I challenge myself to not snooze my alarm anymore and just get my ass up.
~ Strategy~
• Get up no matter how inviting/warm my bed is.
• Drink water ASAP (this helps)
• Get in a workout… even if it’s only a quick HIIT or yoga… JUST DO IT
• Instead of complaining how early it is, be grateful for a brand new day and that you can go after whatever your little heart desires.

2. Stick to your schedule (zzz’s)
I have never struggled with sticking to my to-do lists, but I do suffer in the area of R&R. I tend to just go go go and forget to ummm sleep, which is SO bad for my health… and skin…. and brain…. So, unlike last semester when I was a nocturnal college kid, I challenge myself to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Not only will sleep keep me from looking like a flesh eating zombie… BUT… it will increase my overall brain cognition (Umm HELLO, good grades?), help snack less (summa bod), have more energy, look beautiful, protect my heart and help me live longer ( The pros of sleep outweigh pulling all-nighters, which are detrimental to my health and sure as heck not as productive as studying during normal hours of the day.
• Quit cracking out on caffeine in the afternoon
• Stick to a sleeping schedule
• Get off Pinterest an hour before I go to bed, dim the lights, drink some chamomile tea and chillax with a good book.

3. Keep kicking that booty

Lost 18 pounds, successful in the classroom AND maintained a social life in the first semester of my college career. Let’s just say I have a lot to hold me accountable. My philosophy is work hard, play hard and everything in moderation. This semester I am taking on a lot! Fifteen hours of tough science goodness, holding an assistant position in my sorority, being an active member in multiple organizations, continuing my fitness and health journey and balancing a social life, blog and volunteer work. Seems like a lot but what else would I be doing? Nothing.
Someone who I hold close to my heart once told me that I can do anything for any amount of time with faith, love and hard work. I challenge myself to go above and beyond and reach my goals while kicking booty and taking some names.
• Wake up and be grateful for all of my blessings and opportunities (It all starts with my attitude)
• Even when things get tough (school, fitness, personal life), work HARRRRDDD.
• Instead of complaining, find a solution. Complaining is easy and will leave me feeling unsatisfied. Instead, find a solution and reap the benefits of learning/achieving something new!

As I go after my dreams, I challenge you to do the same. Revisit the New Years resolutions and goals that you have made but never accomplished and GO AFTER THEM.

Always remember…
• No dream is too big.
• Your hard work appreciated.
• Your focus lays out the course that you take towards your final destination.
• Surround yourself with those who encourage you to be the best YOU that you can be.


Xo Alee

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